Sleep Consultant Services

Sleep Consultant Services

Whether your baby or toddler needs to learn independent sleep, self-settling, sleeping in their crib, napping consistently, or sleeping through the night…Bernie will guide you one-on-one with personalized plans and support until you have your life back again!

Services & Pricing:

Two-Week Virtual Sleep Package…$440

  • Personalized sleep plan, one hour phone consult, two weeks follow-up support

Premium In-Home Sleep Training Package…$6,000

  • Personalized sleep plan, one hour home consult, 5 days/5 nights in-home sleep training, two weeks follow-up support

Add-ons to sleep packages:

Three hours In-Home Nap or Bedtime Visit…$250

  • In-person three-hour home visit for nap or bedtime

In-home Overnight Sleep Training…$660

  • Twelve hours in-person overnight sleep training 

One-hour In-Home Sleep Consult…$99

  • In-home consultation to prepare for sleep training

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